IPM rF High Voltage 1.0

      IPM rF High Voltage 1.0

      SimSync.de and International Pro Modding are proud to annouce the release of :

      rF_HighVoltage 1.0
      DRS & KERS for rFactor

      F_HighVoltage is a software which simulates DRS and KERS in rFactor. It supports the current Formula 1 (™) rules concerning DRS and KERS, but also supports the possibility to configure it following own rules.
      There are already a few solutions on the market, which are developed around the in-game possibilities. But most of them are strugling when it comes to the point to prevent the user from activating KERS when the batteries are empty, or activating DRS when the car isn't in the required distance to the competitor in front.

      Changes/Improvements against last beta:

      Engine files with a complete boost mapping are not longer neccessary to get a working KERS.
      Several changes and improvements have been made to harden the program against cheating attempts.
      Renamed configuration section in rfm (refer to ADD2rfm.txt, which is included in the installer)
      Those who have used one of the previous beta releases, will be informed that the configuration settings have been renamed. You can update the settings automatically to enable them with rF_HighVoltage 1.0.
      Due to the changes to the rfm, the new version will not be available thru the autoupdater until February, 5th 2012

      rF_HighVoltage is able to do all of this:

      Enable/Disable DRS globally
      DRS disabled within the first 2 laps in a race session
      Up to 2 detection points
      Up to 4 activation zones
      Up to 2 block zones where the usage of DRS is permitted
      Free usage of DRS in practice, qualyfication and warm-up
      Usage of DRS only within the activation zones if the car was within 1 second to the competitor in front at the detection point
      Visually switch the rearwing when activating/deactivating DRS (Depending on the used mod)
      Enable/Disable KERS globally
      Control the strength of the KERS "effect"
      Control how long the much extra power is available per lap
      "Recharge" the battery when driving over the start/finish line
      When the battery is empty, KERS can't be activated for the rest of the lap
      All performance relevant settings are configured using the RFM-file of the mod. That ensures that somebody who accidently modified settings in that file will get a mismatch error when joining a gameserver.
      Other settings (like key assignments) are store in a simple configuration file along with the program.
      Forces the drivers to use only original ISI software. Patched or cracked rFactor installations will not work with rF_HighVoltage!

      rF_HighVoltage was developed together with Achim from SimSyncPro. Achim is one of guys behind the famous SimSyncPro Aplicatión.

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